Salvation 20mg

I knew I needed you
to keep me sane.
Mood stabiliser
they called you.
Happy pill I dubbed you.
But happy was I
or a slave to you.
Chained to you
with unbreakable shackles.
I tremble under your power
I cried when you were gone
I turned catatonic
when I was with you.
Yet they call you my salvation.
My only hope at ‘normalcy’.
Do not abandon me
Don’t come too close
The perfect distance
yet to be found.
Till then its me and you
to the end.


End of Existence

What if I just ceased to exist?
Existing in the barren un-
forgiving land of dependency.
The little bursts of color
that breathed ‘life’ into me
not enough anymore,
fellow zombies who
suck the last bit of ‘life’
out of me.
Happiness of ‘humans’
thrown in my face.
Burning like acid down my throat.
Choking me, destroying me.
What if I vanish tomorrow
or better yet, now?
Would the world
be a brighter place,
without my dark rants
disturbing the peace?
Thanatos, embrace me now!
For I have failed miserably.
For I am tired of this half life
searching for the whole of me.