(Love)story of Phoenix & Medusa

You’re a fog
and I’m lost in you.
Fused into one
we go up in flames.
Out of the ashes
we emerge
into the gates of heaven.
Happy tears streaming
down my cheeks
to soak your raven hair.
Cocooned in our
happy bubble,
I think back to the days
we spent circling,
tiptoeing around
the giant in the room.
Love blooming like
the prettiest wild flower
threaded through my golden locks
like pristine ivory adorning
your guarded heart.
Knowing not that it’s
started beating
to the tune of mine.
Thinking back
to the countless times
I almost told you,
and time stood still
as I dreamed our story.
Needing you
to say the first words
for I feared
that I’d be burned
down to ashes,
or turned to stone
with the sheer power
of your gaze.


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